Sunday, August 10, 2014

Northern Ireland - Day Three

We woke up on day three, and went for an adventure in Enniskillen. We found the high street and did a little browsing. We then went to Enniskillen Castle (less of a castle and more of a stone fort) and wondered through the museum to discover the history of the area. I was really curious about the history of the town since that is where my grandfather was born. We eventually set out to drive to Newcastle. It's a much shorter drive, and very beautiful.

Part of Enniskillen Castle

Enniskillen Castle is now dedicated not only to the history of the area, but it's military history. It was very interesting to see artifacts through to modern warfare. 

We arrived in Newcastle, which is a very cute little coastal town with a great main street along the waterfront. The very reason that we went was to find a small store called Wadsworth's which we did very easily because it is right along the main road. It is a very cute little shop, and after a bit of a visit with the owner (who we are not sure if I am, or am not related too), my mom and I spent sometime just walking around and enjoying the little shops and attractions. We found a great hotel and tucked in for the night so that we could get ready for a final day of driving back to Belfast. 

I do have more photos from both Enniskillen and Newcastle, but they have been lost in the sea of photos on my laptop, but I promise that once I find them again, I will edit and post those, because some of the shots are really beautiful. 

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