Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I pick up the keys to my new apartment today, and I've been packing and organizing, and I realized today that I have WAY too much stuff. There is just an amazing amount of stuff packed into every nook and cranny of my current home. Moving has been a wake up call to stop and think about what I buy before I buy it because I really don't think I need 75% of what I have right now. *sigh* so tired and frustrating.

It is sort of awkward because I know that I can just throw out a lot of things but it's strange because there are memories tied to a lot of it, and I fell bad for letting go. I'm either donating or selling what I can, but there is still a whole lot of stuff that has to go!!

So I'm pleading to my readers - Is it ok to let go of something small even if it has memories?

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