Sunday, July 27, 2014


If any of you readers were unaware, I have been living with my dad for the last 7 years! Yes that is right… SEVEN YEARS.

At first it was because my landlord was selling the house (I lived in a basement suite for 4 1/2 years, which was beautiful and I loved it!), and the new owners were willing to keep me as a tenet but wanted to jack up the rent by $600 to $1200, and they had kids which means screaming and crying and running around. NO THANK YOU!

So my dad offered to let me and my dog live with him (which meant that he had to move, so it was a big deal). It was originally going to be temporary, but I decided to take this as an opportunity for a life change and I enrolled in University. It wasn't ideal, and it required some adjusting from the two of us, but we made it work.

But now I am done school, and I woke up one day and realized that I'm 30 and it's time to get back out on my own and try to remember what it is like to be a grown up and pay rent and bills, and manage life again!! The challenging part is the rental market in Alberta is INSANE!! It is super competitive, and expensive, and frankly, you don't get a lot of bang for your buck! So the search was becoming frustrating but thankfully, living with your dad means that you will likely not become homeless any time soon. But then, this past Thursday, I went to my moms house to help her with a few things and run some errands. She had saved the page for that days paper which has rentals listed, and there were a few close to her that I decided to call. I was so lucky because one was still available and the landlord could show me it that afternoon!! So off mom and I go, with it was beautiful! A good size, a great neighbourhood that I am already familiar with (it's about a 15min walk to the house where I grew up and I went to the elementary school close to the apartment for a few years), and the best part - IT WAS AT THE LOW END OF MY BUDGET!! So I filled out the application and after meeting me and my very responsible looking mother, I was told that I had the apartment! The universe was really looking out for me and I am really looking forward to it.

I have been slowly accumulating with bits and bobs that I need, and although there are still a few things that I need, and of course I have to pack, I am pretty ready to move. I am sad to be leaving the Bella (different dog from before), and I can't have any pets at the new place :(

Wish me luck!! And I will keep you updated on the packing the move, the unpacking  - and best of all, the adult living!

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