Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feeling better and looking forward to Europe!

Well, I'm sitting in a dark corner at school right now waiting for my 7:30 lab to start (it's now 5:45), so I have some time to kill. I am still feeling pretty crumby after Sunday, and just can't exactly shake the feeling that I about to burst into tears. It's the strangest feeling to have to live in (I say live in, because it becomes your state of being while suffering through it.) It is just bizarre to sort of muddle through, and having to navigate through situations with some type of normalcy. But I seem to be getting by.

I think that right now, I am happily focussing on positive parts of my life right now, which for me, is mainly my up coming trip this summer to the U.K./France with my mom. I am spending spare pockets of time researching weather conditions for the time we will be there, and adjusting my packing list accordingly. I watch youtube videos to get ideas from people who have been there, and what to pack, what to see, where to go/stay/eat. I agonize over finding a balance between what I want to do versus what my mom wants to do and then what we have to do while there (I'm graduate school hunting). I went the other day and turned some of the money that I have been saving up into pounds and euros, so I actually have physical proof that I am leaving the country, and going on a grand adventure!! And I'm both terrified and thrilled by the prospect!! I am just really looking forward to seeing what waits me across the pond!!

But that is all I have for you now readers, whomever you are!


P.S. If you have any good travel tips, things to bring, places to avoid, let me know in the comments below! Any help is appreciated!

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