Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sugar is NOT my friend anymore!!

When I decided that I wanted to be healthier and drop a few pounds, I knew that my sugar intake was the first thing that had to go. I spent January weeding myself off of sugar, which made me feel surprisingly sick and disgusting, and GRUMPY!! But I stuck with it, and managed to detox myself off of sugar.

Fast forward to today and my weakness - Conversation Hearts. I love Conversation Hearts! Valentines Day is the best time for candy and chocolate, and the biggest challenge for my sugar detox. But I couldn't resist a tub of Conversation Hearts, and made the mistake of having it sit beside me as I'm working on my school work. BIG MISTAKE!

I have lost track of how many I have had in the last little bit, but my body is quick to remind me that it was WAY too much. My stomach feels awful, my kidneys hurt as they try to process all that awful, processed sugar. So I really think that at this point, I'm done. If this is what is going to happen when I eat sugar, clearly I don't need to eat sugar that badly!! Feeling this disgusting has been the best motivation I could have asked for!!

So now I just need to find the right motivation to get to the gym!!

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