Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life is slowly returning to "normal"

Well, I have slowly been feeling better and better over the last few weeks. My stomach is still a little wobbly, but it is getting better and I feel less sick all the time. I continue to struggle with sleep and getting enough of it, but this too I think will get better with time. I'm going to buy a new pillow and see if that changes the headaches and sleep deprivation!! If anyone has any good suggestions for pillows, please leave it in the comments!

This semester is coming to end, with only about a week left in classes and then finals. I'm not doing as well this semester as I would have liked, so I'm disappointed about that. But I can always try harder and give more of an effort next semester, which is going to be the hardest semester to get through.

I really have realized that I need to make a few important changes in my life if I'm going to survive. I have to make more time for friends, family and life as well as school. I think I get so depressed because I never make time to do anything but work and school and then I don't even want to focus on the school part, and my school work suffers as a result. I sort of have to get a balance going in my life, and then everybody wins!! But mostly me!!

So, if you have any tips or tricks to find a balance, reduce stress, or just little ways you make yourself happy, leave it in the comments!

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