Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making the best of a bad situation!

Well, I have been working on being more focused and positive and being less grumpy. So far so good (for the most part). I did say that it would be a work in progress.

The room cleaning has stalled slightly since I have papers and assignments and what not to get done, but I still have that goal in mind. I have been pondering the idea of posting before, in progress and after shots of my room, but have nixed the idea. It's pretty bad, and although there are certain things that I am willing to be judged on (this is the Internet after all), I'm not sure that the state of my room is one of them. I will likely post pictures once it's all done because I will be very proud of the accomplishment!! But no before pics...

I find myself pondering my future more and more as my University career is coming to a close. The hope is still to attend grad school, but my grades and work experience might limit that, at least in the immediate future. So, I'm thinking about how to pay off my debt and then what to do next. Maybe another degree and some work experience that would relate to what I want to do in grad school in order to increase my chances of getting in. There is also the hope that I could be moving, not just out of my dads house (thanks for the free rent dad!) but possibly to a whole new part of the world. As much as I love Canada, and consider this my home land, it doesn't exactly feel like home. I just have this feeling that I am meant for a different life then what I have going on here. So I'm looking at the U.K., maybe Sweden (which would be an even greater challenge since I don't speak a word of swedish), or maybe some place else... I don't know! But it's exciting to think about at least.

But right now it's all just ideas and dreams. We shall see what happens!!

P.S. Today I have been pondering the idea of going into Journalism and New Media as opposed to Museum Studies... I shall investigate this possibility further!!

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