Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's in my purse!!

I felt like my blog has been very ho-hum as of late! So I thought I would do something fun today and show you what I carry in my bag! And yes, this is what is in my bag on almost a daily basis… It's shocking and a little heavy!

So this is my current bag. I bought it from about a month ago because it was on clearance for $2.97!! I thought it was prefect for my trip to the U.K. in the summer because it has two short straps that I can get over my shoulder, and an attached cross body strap that tucks nicely under the bag when you have it shortened which keeps it out of the way! It's a great size for my carry on and I can either pack it nicely on the way back if I buy a new bag there, or I can just leave it in the U.K. because it was only $3!

So here is the inside and as you can tell… it's packed!

So the first things that I pulled out are my toque and mitts! Living in Canada in December means that this is pretty standard in anybodies bag. I also live in the country and have about a 45min drive to school, so I like to have these with me incase I end up in the ditch, or if traffic stops because of an accident, I can stay warm without having to be running my engine the whole time!

The toque is from Old Navy and the mittens are Beaver Creek and I bought them at Target!

I always have my agenda with me. I just switched over to a Moleskine agenda (skull bookmark) that I love because it has Monday through Sunday on the left side and a lined page on the right, so I can have my to do list on there and just stay more organized that way. I also have a Moleskine journal (ToyStory bookmark) so if I have any ideas for a blog or YouTube video I can jot them down, or again, just making a to do list. I also have a pencil/pen case where I keep all my school essentials including my USB.

I have to book I'm reading right now. This is a book my mom recommended to me, and I've really been enjoying it! I haven't had a lot of time for non-school related reading but finals are going to be done next week and I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it!

I have a travel size deodorant by LaVanila. It's an amazingly good deodorant from Sephora. My Nivea Soft hand cream, a winter essential. And Evian facial spray, which is just a cooling, refreshing spray that I like to use when I'm tired or stressed out when studying. It gives me a boost! Also bought at Sephora.

I have my little emergency kit, that has dry shampoo, blotting sheets, mini toothbrushes, perfume, stain remover, glasses cleaner, nail files, tissues, face wipes and painkillers!

The bag is by Sonia Kashuk and I bought it from Target!

Anyone who knows me, knows that i have a very serious lip balm addiction. I usually only have one of my lip balm pouches with me, but for some reason, they are both in this bag, along with two EOS balms and my Bite Beauty Superfruit lip balm from Sephora. The sparkly bag that looks like a candy wrapper is from Bath and Body Works, and the purple bag is from Old Navy.

I have my wallet and keys. The wallet is from Target and I love it because it has tons of spots for cards!!

And the last thing, and arguably the most important this close to finals, is antibacterial hand gel. This one is from Bath and BodyWorks, and is called Christmas Cookies! Smells sooooo good!

So that is everything I have in my bag right now! Hopefully you enjoyed the break from my usual "This is how my life is going… no change… *shock*" blogs as of late. I also have plans to film a few videos and get them up over the Christmas break!

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