Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mental Preparation

So as I enter my final, blissful year of University, I can't help but reflect on on what the last 5 have brought me. Knowledge, wisdom, personal growth and debt!! Lots and lots of debt.

My original plan was to take a year off, one year. I was going to work full time and gain some life experience, save some money. And hopefully during that time, I would figure out what I wanted to do with my life! I did manage to figure out what I didn't want to do...

1 year off turned into 6 years. I worked in retail for those 6 years, and eventually was promoted up the chain of command to manager. And what I realized it that I didn't want to be a manager. Now, do not get me wrong - there was nothing wrong with the job. I loved my co-workers, my staff, the company. But I just didn't enjoy being a manager. Some people are so amazingly suited to it and I am not one of those people. So that promoted a visit to University.

Once there, I received some great advice about a potential career choice - Museum Curator - and from there I thought I would try a spring class. A spring class (at least in Alberta) is a condensed class that is 3 hours a day, Monday though Friday, for three weeks. That went well, so I did a summer class (same time frame) and that went well too. So, with 2 weeks to spare, I registered for full time classes starting in September '08. And from there I have not looked back!! 

Now, as I have said, this will be my 6th year of University. My plan was going to be doing my BA in 5 years as opposed to the usual 4, but as you've read above - time lines are not a sticking point for me. But if I could give any freshmen who are reading this, or even if you're going into your second or third year - GET YOUR DEGREE DONE IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME!! If you're doing a four year degree, try to do it in four years. You sort of hit a wall after that, at least I did. But don't rush it either. If you're not a strong student, then it might be better to do fewer classes a semester, but stay focused on getting your degree done! But I haven't looked back and I'm glad things have happened the way that they did. I have met some great friends and I have had some amazing professors who have supported, and encouraged me!

And through it all, my family. I'm pretty lucky in the family department. Both my parents are amazingly supportive, and are great with everything from lending a supportive shoulder to sob on when I'm stressed about an exam, or a fresh set of eyes to proof read a paper (which would come in handy as I blog - my spelling and grammar always suffer during the summer). I always get the encouragement and cheerleading I need!! Love you all!

I am very curious about what kind of things you, my readers, would like from my blog! I have a few ideas of my own (and they are NOT all school related, I promise). But feel free to leave a comment below about what you're curious about, or would like to see, and I'll see what I can do!! 

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