Monday, August 5, 2013

Christie, The Great, Gross Spider Killer

I live out in the country and one of the downfalls of that is spiders. I HATE SPIDERS!!

Now, I know spiders exist, and they are important to the ecosystem and blah blah blah... But they are gross!! I was coming home last night and right there in the corner of my porch is this huge brown spider in a huge gross web! *shiver* I think I hate the brown ones even more then I hate big black ones, because the brown ones are far more blendy and camouflaged. So because I don't want to get anywhere near that thing, I side step into my house and get a nice big bowl of hot water...

Now, I know I'm going to get comments about how I shouldn't have killed it, but I'm sorry! Big gross spiders are allowed to exist in the world, just now where I can see them, and least of all, where they can jump out and attack me!!

So I threw the hot water at it, and it's web broke and the spider fell. He tried to hide, but I grabbed a walking stick smooshed him. I hope this acts as a warning to all the other jerk spiders out there that are thinking about setting up shop on my porch. Ya'll are safer under it, and there will be more bugs for you eat there too!!

Christie 1 - Spider 0

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  1. No comments about compassion. I'm totally pro-spider killing!