Saturday, August 3, 2013

Essential Locker Supplies

I thought I would do a post about my locker essentials kit. Mine is perhaps a little obsessive, but I'm a believer that if you have it, you'll likely never need it! Plus it's always a good idea to at least have a few things that you use on a regular basis in your locker, and that saves you from having it hanging around in your purse or school bag taking up space and adding extra weight!!

So this is my kit:

  I keep two different kits in my locker. One for personal products and the other for school supplies. I'm first going to show you my personal kit (which is packed!)

This is the brand 'REALLY USEFUL BOX' and it's the 1.7 

  I like to keep a deodorant in case I hit the gym, or more likely am just in a rush in the morning and forget to put it on before I leave the house! It's just a travel size one that you can find at any drug store. There are also Almay oil free make up eraser sticks, which a q-tips filled with make up remover that is safe to use around your eyes. You just snap one end and the cleanser saturates the other tip and you can fix any mascara boo boo's or other smudges. For the same reason, I have Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets and Olay wet cleansing cloths. Depending on how long my day is, I love to wash my make up off and just enjoy a nice clean face! And even though I always have them in my purse, I keep tissues and a lip balm as well. I have a tiny lip balm addiction. I always have about 4 with me.

 I have also discovered that it is a good idea to keep a few first aid items in my locker. You can track these down at most schools in various offices or at campus stores, but this way you are guaranteed to have something on hand.

I especially like to keep blister band aids in my locker. I don't know why but at some point during the school year, I seem to think that it would be a good idea to break in new shoes, which almost always results in a blister! I also have band aids in various sizes and designs, some of which have a antibiotic in them. Regardless, I also have Polysporin on hand. I like the one specifically labeled Polysporin Kids because it is a non-stinging formula and has a pain reliever. I'm a baby and I know it! Last but not least, hand sanitizer. Schools are breeding grounds for colds and flu's and they seem to attack right around midterms and finals so protect yourself!!

Because I'm a baby, I have my Hello Kitty pill case with some Advil and Aleve. These are for personal use and I recommend being careful when giving out any sort of painkiller to anybody else!

Some feminine products. Enough said...

Some other essentials are hand lotion, nail file(s), a Tide to Go pen, small hair brush, hair elastics and butterfly clips, and because I wear glasses (I'm not a fan of contacts - I don't like touching my eyes, plus I just like the way I look with glasses!), I like to have glasses cleaner, a cloth and a little tool to tighten them up if need be. I have several pairs of glasses with the same prescription, but my favorite pair are pretty old. I think I've had them since I was about 15, so they need a little love every once and a while.

My second kit is the school supplies! This is also a 'Really Useful Box' and it's a 0.9 liter pencil box.

So in here I keep the obvious pens, white out tape, pencils and an eraser. Sometimes my pencil case does not always make it back into my school bag, or I forget it somewhere, so it's a good idea to have back ups handy so I you don't have to bum off of friends. This is especially true if you're me, and am kind of a pen snob!

Highlighters! My favorite ones are the Sharpie Gel highlighters. They don't smear like some other gel highlighters do and because they are gel. they don't bleed through the paper and look messy!

I also like the Staedtler triplus textsurfer. These ones are super thin and perfect for highlighting in textbooks or underlining notes.

Also kept it here are: a hole punch, stapler and staples, scissors, and a spare USB drive. Again, most of these things can be found somewhere on campus, such as the library, but I like to have them handy to save me the running around, or again, hoping a friend has them!

And last but not least, post it notes and reinforcements!! Nothing is worse then having a page of notes you've just madly written, be ripped out of your binder! And post its are just an organizational essential!!

And the last thing I keep in my locker is a charger with USB cables for both my iPhone and iPod!
There is nothing worse then trying to kill time, or text message a friend between classes about meeting up for coffee or a notes exchange and your battery is dead!


  1. You're awesome, has anyone told you that today? ^_^

  2. I absolutely LOVE your supply kits. They are genius and you have definitely thought of EVERYTHING. The only thing I would suggest you could add is some loose change......then you ALWAYS have money for a hot chocolate!!!