Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to school supplies!!

So here are some of my Back to School supplies!! I know it's a bit early, but I love school, and I love school supplies!! And I love exclamation points... sorry.

So here is my new school bag! I love it!! It's a Coach tote bag that my mom treated me too. She bought it on an amazing sale from CrossIron Mills Coach Outlet last weekend while we were on our way to Banff, and I think she paid $85 for it.

And it's big enough to hold everything and then some!

So here is my binder! It is from Target and it is there Up brand. I can't remember exactly how much it was but it was, but it comes with 5 dividers, and ruler and a pocket that snaps closed. It's really durable and they have tons of cute colors! The band around it is also Up brand from Target and it's called a File Band. It comes in a three pack and I love it because it will stop my binder from falling open (which always happens in a tote bag) and it will stop my notes from getting smooshed!

Here's the inside of the binder

I also got this from Five Star at Target. I love in because it has 5 divided areas with two pockets in the front and one in the back (see post it notes). I love it because if I'm having a lazy day and i don't want to carry my binder everywhere I can just put in some paper and still keep my notes organized.

Here are some notebooks, the two on the left are from Target, the two on the right are from Staples (I got them last year). I like to write my notes on loose leaf paper in class, and then depending on how clear my notes are or how organized they are (some professors bounce around which makes it hard to study), I will re-write them in a coil note book so that I can better organize them, and re-writing them helps me remember the information. It also forces me to re read every word and check to make sure that I understand what was covered in class and can follow up with my professor if I don't.

Here's my planner! This one is mostly for personal use, but I will be recording my due dates in here as well. It is a Blueline day timer and I got it at Staples.

This is going to be my school planner. It is from Target and I found it in the One Spot so it was only $1! I really like it because it has each month laid out at the beginning, the one week on the left side and the right side has a page for assignments and a small section of To Do. Hopefully, this will help keep my reading assignments and smaller homework assignments that may come up more organized and they won't get lost or forgotten about in my other planner.

And both organizers are purple which is my favorite color!!

My Casio calculator which I need for my Statistics class in first term. Wish me luck! because anything math related is not my strong suit.

My cute little pencil case! I really didn't need to get a new one since I have about 20 (it's an addiction, I'm aware). But it was sooooo cute! It's from Target, and is a tin shell with a zipper closer. The purple ruler is also from Target and folds in half to fit inside the case. 

The last thing I got (at least for now) are these post it notes and flags from Superstore. The computer disk post its were $1 and the flags were $2!! Soo cute and I love the ninjas!

So that's what I have organized so far for school. I'm sure I'll have a few more things and I'll make sure to post about my locker supply kit and all of it's goodies!! Happy shopping!!

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