Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Adventures with Mom!

Monday, my mom and I went on an adventure to Fort Edmonton Park!

It had been awhile since either one of us had been, and it was pretty different from what I remember as a kid. But I love going to Fort Edmonton and other "living history" museums. It's just so much fun to see it come alive around you, and many of the interpreters take their jobs very seriously! There was also an event going on that I think was called "Earn your Keep" day... But they might have called it something else. The idea was, you would do chores or other work that would be common for the era and earn Fort Bucks that you could redeem to try different foods, or earn rides in the mid way. It was pretty fun to watch all the kids running around hauling fire wood (with alot of help from mom and dad) or washing socks and delivering mail.

 Mom and I mostly enjoyed the beautiful day outside. We walked around the midway, and watching sat at the beautiful carousel with its hard carved horses and ornaments. (Sorry, the picture didn't turn out very well...) I was tempted to take a spin on the ferries wheel, but decided to wait until we were going to leave, and by then the park was pretty busy and there was a long line. But I guess that's just a good reason to go back! We then roamed up the themed streets. The park has added a theater since I was small and although we didn't to in to see what was playing (I think it was a history of Edmonton), it was very cool to see it there!

There are beautiful gardens planted all over the park, some with flowers at some of the more affluent city homes and vegetable gardens at the homesteads. There is also a crop growing in one the fields (I'm not sure what kind of crop it is) and I hope that means that Fort Edmonton still hosts a Harvest Festival in the fall. I remember going to that growing up! I also have vague memories of actually being at the family farms during harvest time (I am a grand daughter to 2 farming families!) 

This garden was particularly beautiful!

We had lunch in a luncheonette beneath the Masons lodge which was really good! Basic, but good! And of course we went authentic with glass coke bottles!

I also picked up some treats at the bakery! I had a yummy chocolate chip cookie, maple fudge and a chocolate fudge brownie with no nuts!

One of the highlights for me was seeing the beautiful horses they have at the Fort! There was one in particular that was just gorgeous (and he knew it, because he was kind of a jerk)
                                I have never see a mane like that on a horse!! Sooo beautiful!

We didn't actually head all the way to the actual Fort area, since we couldn't imagine that it has changed all that much, but we did finish off the day with a ride on the steam train! I love train travel!

All and all, it was a great day spent with mom!

Here's some more pics I took. Sorry, I was enjoying the day so much, I didn't take many, but I'll do better next adventure I promise!! I'll also take notes so that I remember more details, but it was just such a beautiful day! I also bought a few cute things but I'll include those in my haul blog that will be posted soon!

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