Friday, August 2, 2013

Introduction to me!

Well, here I sit impatiently waiting for my first YouTube video to download. My technology has decided to up and be crappy today so I'm epically frustrated (which, if you know me, happens more often then not.) So I thought I would introduce my blog at least!!

So here's the deal,
I'm Christie,
I'm 29 (Birthday - March 21),
I'm about to start my last year of University!! Yay!! (This will be my 6th year)
I'm working on my Bachelor of Arts with a major in History and minor in Anthropology.
I want to go on to do graduate work in Museum Studies, and I hope to do this in Europe!

So that is pretty much me in a nutshell! On this blog, I will be writing about me (naturally), my adventures (there are so few right now), school, life, lifestyle... All sorts of goodies! I will have a YouTube channel as well, but as you read above, that is slow going... *hrumph*

I'm sorry it's sort of basic and bare right now. I will be improving upon it soon, but I wanted to get it up and running before school starts in a month and my time becomes consumed with reading and homework and all that jazz. But I promise there will be plenty to look forward to!

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