Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm getting ready for school and have found tons of little goodies!! So, of course I thought I'd blog about them!!

I bought these at Fort Edmonton Park with my mom! They are both perfect for my locker essentials kit. The blue coin purse will be the home for some spare change as suggested in the comments of my locker essentials blog! Great idea Caron! And the green one is perfect for my USB cords because it zips closed!

Also for my locker kit - a sleep mask. For those between class cat naps! It was $1 in the One Spot at Target.

I hate having water bottles at school, but I found these cute tumblers instead so that I can water or another cold beverage. The Wonder Woman and Mason Jar tumblers are from Target and the Angry Mickey Mouse tumbler from the Disney Store!
I just prefer having something like this with a straw because I find it less disruptive to take a drink during note taking, and they are easier to clean in my opinion.

At Target I found this great overnight bag! It's huge, canvas and has a removable strap so that you can carry it across your body or over your shoulder! You can't tell in the pic, but it's grey and navy, but they have other patterns if you don't like this one. It was $29.99!

 Also from Target, this cute canvas backpack! I know I have my wicked Coach tote for school, and that will likely be what I use most often, but this was so cute and for days when I don't have that much to bring, this would be nice!

I also liked it for my trip to Europe with my mom next summer. Having a larger backpack will be great for the airport and when we are getting on and off trains - I figure the less to have to carry or have on my shoulders, the better!

I also really liked that the interior zipper is a little lower down in the back, so that would be a safe place to keep my passport and money. There are also two pockets of a cell phone and other what not's. It was also $29.99.

I found this notebook at Walmart and I loved it because its a gnome! What can I say, I love to take notes with my gnomey! Get it?! Gnomey! Like homie, but he's a gnome...


Also from Walmart, this 32GB flash drive was on sale for $12.99 which is a sweet deal for that many GB's. I probably won't use this for school because I have so many 8GB and a 16GB one that I typically use but this will come in handy for backing up important photos and videos off of my laptop!

And last thing from Walmart was a pack of pens that were on sale for $3, a pack with two Papermate white out tapes ($4.76) and a cute floral pencil case ($3.97) that has a front pocket which would be good for my USB or my school id if I'm going into an exam. Sooo cute!!

The last part of my haul is from Michael's. I'm going through a bit of a Hello Kitty phase right now and I found this Hello Kitty scrapbook journal. This one is specific to traveling and i thought I would be cute for Europe next summer (hopefully I still like Hello Kitty then...). I comes with a pen, that is pen on one end and a glue stick at the other. There are tons of cute pages on the inside and if your interested on seeing the inside let me know in the comments and I'll post some photos of that! ($19.99)

Also found some cute Hello Kitty Book Bands (basically the same as the file band idea that I have in my school supplies blog around my binder. Again, I thought that would be nice to keep my larger text books closed while in my bag. (Clearance for $2.49.)
I also got some Keepsake Pockets for my scrapbook to use for any little loose trinkets or ticket stubs I don't want to glue in. (Clearance for $2.49)
And last, I bought a pack of 70 Sticky Flags. Just thought they would be handy for school or my Daytimer ($4.99)


  1. I'm so tempted by the hello kitty stuff at Michaels every time I'm there - uggggghhhh it's horrible. I'm trying SO hard not to buy a whole bunch of cute stuff for school. So far so good, I've been really good.

  2. I've been really horrible at not buying cute stuff for school. I have soooooooo much stuff that I really don't need... Lol oh well!!