Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking Care of Yourself

I feel like my posts lately have been really centred on how stressed out and crazed I am. So to change it up, I thought today I would write about what I am doing to start to help myself.

When you are really stressed out and overwhelmed, it's really easy to forget about the little things in your life, and it's amazing the impact that it can have. I know that I have let a few things slip in the last few months and now I'm really trying to refocus on getting back into good habits.

One of the things that I have been bad at is cleaning. My place has never been a nasty mess, but it also hasn't been very tidy in the last few months. So everyday for the last week I've been focusing on getting one thing/room/area tidy and organized. It's amazing how just focusing on doing one small project a day has made a huge difference in how I feel. Slowly I feel like I'm getting rid of the clutter and junk and getting back to myself!!

I also noticed that I didn't have my blinds open for a really long time. It was no wonder that I was always feeling so grey and blah when I had no natural light coming into my apartment!!

I also decided to focus on what I enjoyed doing and focus less on what was stressing me out! Getting back to reading and writing has made a HUGE difference in how I've been feeling lately, and who knows, maybe once I'm done my novel it'll be published and I'll make a million dollars and all my problems will be solved!! (Ahhh, the dream)

I also continue the job search and apply to every job I find interesting. Some I'm not qualified for, others I'm over qualified for, some I just don't even know!! But I'm interested in all of them, so hopefully something happens there.

But as always, I ask for you to send me positive vibes and love my way! And if you know of any jobs that you think I might be awesome at, let me know!!

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