Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just a little one today...

So as school is getting closer and closer, I ran a few last minuet errands yesterday. So I'm just going to share a couple of the little treats I bought myself and I promise that tomorrow there will be a bigger, better blog post!

So the first thing that I bought was a new pen at the Disney Store (which is one of my favorite places to shop!). The Little Mermaid is going to be re-released on Blu-ray and DVD in about a month, so they have a new collection of Ariel merchandise!! Ariel is my favorite Disney princess so naturally I had to have the Ariel pen.

I also have the same type of pen but from there Cinderella collection, and don't let the Disney Store thing fool you... These are really good quality pens and you can buy a new ink cartridge for them when it runs out at Staples. I highly recommend them!!


Also from the Disney Store, and from the Ariel collection, was this phone case! It's really slim on my phone and is soooo cute!!


 And the last of my little treasures are two bracelets from Target. The first one says BREATHE and the second one says FIERCE.

I loved these because they are adjustable for my little munchkin wrists and I just really liked the messages. If you know me, or if you're reading my blogs and are starting to get to know me, you'll know that breathing is something that I really need to do more of! That and relax, but I didn't see one that said relax. And fierce is just something I strive to be!

$7.99 each

So those are just a few little treats for myself before classes start again. There also won't be very many hauls or things like that since I will be saving as much as possible for my trip to Europe next summer!

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