Friday, August 23, 2013

Hilary's going away dinner

So last night I went out for dinner with my friend Hilary. She had a tea at her house last weekend, but unfortunately my puppy got sick that day and just wanted mommy snuggles, so I missed the tea and another friends BBQ. Don't worry, puppy is fine now! Back to her crazy self!

But Hilary and I decided to head out for dinner to say good bye since she is moving to the coast in a few days to go to University there. So we met up at Boston Pizza (which is my all time favorite place to eat - it's an actual addiction at this point) for a catch up. Now, Hil was a chef in a previous incarnation so she's a foodie, where I am a super picky eater, so I'm thankful to have friends who put up with me and my eating habits.

So for appetizers, she ordered a spinach salad and I ordered bandera bread which I then covered in Parmesan cheese!! So good!

So we munched on that and got caught up on life since we have last seen each other. She and I have been friends since high school, but we have had periods of time where we haven't seen each other so catching up is always a long process!

So after our nummie appetizers, are main course arrived.

So Hil had perogy pizza and I had steak with fries. And now the conversation turned to her first year at University and my last year!! We were both so excited to be starting this phase of life and there was lots to talk about as you can imagine!

And after dinner, we headed to the mall to Sephora where Hil needed to pick up a few things and I needed nothing, but that never stops me! I recently bought a dual ended lipstick from Sephora by a Canadian company called Bite. The lipsticks are really good quality and a nice creamy texture so I thought I would check out what other colors they had. I didn't end up buying a new lipstick, but I did find a lip butter called "Super Fruit Lip Butter - Acai" Its amazing! My lips feel really moist and lush without feeling sticky or caked. And even though it's acai, there isn't really a taste or flavor, so I don't spend all day chewing my lips. I highly recommend this lip butter if your like me and addicted to lip balms!

Bite Lip Butter $20

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