Monday, September 21, 2015

This has been the hardest period of my life… And it's only getting worse.

So… In May of this year I was laid off from my job. Not because I was a terrible employee, or did something wrong, but because the company that I worked for closed in Canada. ALOT of people were effected by this and it came at a pretty crappy time as many other companies were also closing and the oil industry in Alberta was also slowing down. At first, I really wasn't worried. I thought I'd get a job no problem!! How wrong I was. 

I thought about it, and started to wonder if this was a good time to move out of retail and get into something more 9-5, Monday to Friday. Something where I could put my fancy education to good use!! I thought I'd maybe get unemployment for a while and I had some money saved up… I'd be OK. I regret that thinking everyday

Because despite the fact that I am smart and capable and pretty willing and eager to learn new things, still I have NO JOB. Worse yet, I have applied to almost 200 jobs and only recieved 1 phone call about an interview that was a job that I wasn't well suited for. To say that I am frustrated, is understanding the problem. 

I'm trying very hard to stay positive. I've gone on medication to help control my anxiety (I still have VERY bad days, but they are much fewer), and my parents have been a big help as well. I've had a huge amount of support from those around me and some great friends have stepped in to see what they can do to help, but still no progress. *SIGH* 

Dealing with the government is endlessly frustrating, I'm rapidly running out of savings and my parents can only bail me out so much, so I'm sending this - my desperate plea for help - out into the universe. You've never failed me before universe and whatever lesson you're trying to teach me, I'm willing to learn. But enough is enough don't you think?! 

And with that, I welcome and insight, words of encouragement, helpful hints, mental hugs. Because life is hard, and I need a hug right now. 

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