Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Northern Ireland - Day Two

After a great night in BalleyCastle, we headed to Giants Cosway to explore!! It was a slightly overcast day and pretty windy but it was very beautiful. I highly recommend that if you are going to Northern Ireland, you take the trip to Giants Cosway and Dunluce Castle. And don't worry, you don't have to drive. There are bus tours that take you from Belfast! 

So after leaving Giants Cosway, we headed to Dunluce Castle. It was amazing to see something like that, as we just don't have that kind of history in Canada. It is absolutely breath taking! And I can't describe it in words, so I'm just going to post pictures to show you how stunning it is! 

A view from the castle from the front gate

Remains of the main hall

Beautiful ruins

A view of the ocean from the castle walls

It was such a wonderful day getting to explore natural wonders and amazing history. After we left Dunluce, we headed to Enniskillen. We weren't thinking that it would take very long, but it ended up taking about 5 hours (maybe a little more), because none of the roads are straight, and you have to wind your way through the countryside. It didn't up being such a bad thing. Northern Ireland is such a beautiful country and it was wonderful to get to see green lush fields, and little farms. What my mom and I weren't expecting was that was what is called "marching season", and several little towns that we drove through were having marches to celebrate the Easter Uprising in Dublin. That made navigating much more interesting and I'm glad that mom was driving that day!! But we made it to Enniskillen and found another cute B&B!

Watch out for Day Three tomorrow!

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