Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm back, and here is a post about my time in Scotland!!!!

Well, I have ignored you for a while, and I'm sorry. I managed to get one post up while on my trip, but that was a bit of a pain because Blogger has very good security and was concerned that someone was hacking my blog. So I gave up on posting while there…

So guess what this is going to be?! Go on, guess!! It's going to be all about my trip!!

Step One: Flight to London.
I have never been flyings #1 fan, and I have never flown for that long before, (I think Edmonton to London is about 8 hours), and let me assure you that it was NOT fun! I thought that flying overnight would mean that I could sleep and get to London well rested. Sadly,  I was wrong. It probably didn't help that I was so excited about finally going that I probably could have flown there without the plane… But I was crapped and couldn't get comfortable. By the time we landed in London, I was both exhausted and wide awake at the same time and probably had the crazy eyes.

Step Two: Flight to Glasgow
So we land in London and make our way through the airport to catch our flight to Glasgow Scotland. I have to say that the security and customs officers have it figured out, and they we both very nice and efficient. Once we got through security we had to wait for a gate to be posted, and who do I see coming out of a restaurant? Heath Slater, the Uso's and The Shield from the WWE. I was a little loopy as I said and I didn't think to get photos with them, but I did managed to point at them as if they were animals in a zoo and that attention did get a wave from one of the Uso's. *sigh* But our gate was posted and off we went to get on the plane and get to Glasgow!

Step Three: Glasgow
We spent out first four days of the trip in Glasgow. I was there to look at the University of Glasgow, which has the graduate program that I am interested in. The campus is AMAZING!! So beautiful and unlike anything that I have ever seen! The program is great and I had such an amazing time during the meeting I had with the program director and the campus tour. THRILLED!
University of Glasgow

The rest of our time in Glasgow was admittedly spent exploring only a small section of the city, but I still managed to fall in love with it, and I could really see myself living in Scotland and I really want to go back and explore more of it! We found some great shopping and a cute little tea shop where we had our breakfast every day and I loved to vibe and energy of the city!! It was a very cool place to be.

The is a building across from our hotel.

This is inside a train station! So pretty!
So that is part one of the extraordinary journey across the United Kingdom! I will be posting tomorrow about our trip around Northern Ireland!

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