Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Schedule!!

So I have my blog schedule worked out!! Now, I just have to stick to it!

But here is what I have planned:

Sundays: Posts about what is going on with me and life in general.

Wednesdays: My "Travel Tips" series with what to pack, how to pack and all sorts of tips and tricks for every type of holiday and travel destination.

Fridays: My "Preparing for post grad life" series, where I will talk about job hunting, budgeting to get out of the debt you will have accumulated, and beginning the business of being a grown up!

And since today is Sunday, here is the update about life. I don't have an update. Mom and I have booked out tickets, we are looking at hotels and short term rentals. This are coming along nicely! I have a statistics midterm tomorrow, so I'm nervous about that, but all I can do is study and try hard and hope for the best!! Positive thinking is the best way to overcome the stress.

So that's it!! See you Wednesday!

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