Sunday, November 3, 2013

So... I'm a hoarder.

Well, last week was a pretty rough week for me. I was just really stressed and overwhelmed, and truthfully, I handled in poorly. I pretty much retreated emotionally. But I'm really trying to turn it around this week and get back on track!

But I was studying today and as I was trying to focus and get things done, I looked around my room. It's a mess. A TOTAL MESS!! I have stuff crammed into every corner and cranny. And probably 85% of it is old, and completely unnecessary!! And yet, I have it, I keep it and the thought of having to get rid of it kind of stresses me out. I'm a hoarder.

So my goal is to clear out my room and get it clean and organized and looking pretty damn good! Thankfully, I have enough sense to move things and dust and vacuum, so it's not dirty like on the tv show Hoarders. But there is just soooo much stuff!! So my goal by the end of November is to have 80% of the junk gone, so that all will be left are clothes that I wear, things that I use, and things that I need!! Wish me luck and keep me accountable!

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