Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh Week...

So this week has kinda sucked. There have been some high points, but also some pretty low points as well. So where to begin? Hmmm... I guess I shall begin at the beginning.

Saturday was a good day. I had the whole weekend off of work, so without anything better to do (which occurred because I left my textbooks at school), I went to go see a horror movie with a male friend. I will now call him Boy. So Boy and I have gone to school for awhile but never really talked very much until these last few weeks. So Boy and I go to dinner first and then a movie and then to coffee afterwards.

Now, since I am a girl (I know, what a shock!), I was very curious as to whether or not this was in fact a date. So after having a really good time, I asked because that's how I roll! And confirmed that yes that had turned into a date somewhere along the way. Great!! So then Boy invited me to a party/gathering that he was having on Sunday with a few of his friends and I decided I would go. This was a challenge since I'm super awkward when I first start to get to know people and meeting a really tight knit group of people can be pretty intimidating. But they were all really nice and made me feel really welcome (even though I was probably super awkward!)

So after the shindig broke up, Boy and I decided to watch season 2 of Sons of Anarchy. Well, maybe not the whole season, more like the first two episodes. I ended up crashing at his place since by the time to second episode was over, I was exhausted!! (Get your minds out of the trash people - It was not that kind of sleep over!)

But the next day, both Boy and I realized that maybe we should just be friends. That way we can hang out and have fun with out any of the relationship drama that might come with dating somebody that you are in school with and have a class with. I mean, how awkward is it when you date someone, break up, and still have to see them every freakin' day!! Sooo gross!!

Now, even though I was bummed out at first about not dating him, what I did realize was that although dating him might not be the right move. I am now totally ready to date!! Look out world!! I am on the hunt for my Prince Charming!!

So that was the bad/good news of the week I guess. But the bad news is that Tuesday rolled around and despite feeling fine on the morning, by the time my evening seminar rolled around, my tummy was feeling less then stellar. I was gross. I thought that maybe it was just my paralyzing fear of speaking up in class, but by the time I got home, it was the flu. Combined with some seasonal allergies that were making my head feel very fuzzed up and gross. So delightful. Needless to say, I ended up staying home from class on Wednesday as well to recoup. By Thursday, it was not soo bad, and I was able to go to class and work that evening without a problem.

Now today, which is Friday, I managed to go see two of my professors who were able to give me some great topic advice for papers so I'm feeling a lot calmer about that. Now I just have to get some homework done tonight, a ton of reading done over the weekend and then survive next week (which will hopefully go better then this one did.

And next weekend is also my mother/daughter trip to Banff so look forward to my blog AND YouTube video (I promise there will be one!) about that little adventure!!

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