Saturday, September 7, 2013

Attempting to Study...

Well, the first week of classes are over and I have to say that I'm over whelmed. I knew that my course load was heavy and the work load would be hectic, but it is sooo much more then that. I am nervous about everything that has to happen and the time frame that it has to happen in. I have three major papers, several midterms and three presentations (which I dread the most!) and a ton of homework assignments for two of my classes. And of course there are my finals, which as of right now, are clumped together.

So naturally, instead of reading, I'm blogging.

And there is also work and life to consider. Not to mention maintaining this blog and my YouTube channel. Thankfully, I'm single so I don't have a boyfriend vying for my time and attention. Although, it might be nice to have a boyfriend who can listen to my whining and complaining, and be supportive when I need it. And give neck rubs. All this hunching over books creates some serious knots. I have my great friends and family though, and they are just as good. But enough of my whining.

Coming up at the end of the month, my mom and I are heading to Banff for an event at The Banff Center for the Arts. We were planning on going straight to Banff so that we can settle in and I can get some school work done, however, I received an email from a university in Berkeley California. They informed me that they would be in Calgary the very same weekend that we are heading south to Banff. Talk about fate!! So we are now making a stop to see this university at the Study and Go Abroad Fair. It will be a quick stop so that we can still get to Banff at a good time. I love perfectly timed events!!

So it looks like I am going to have a very busy September!

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