Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yesterday was NOT the day before...

Where the day before yesterday, I had a day of happy little moments... yesterday was a day of minor set backs. It started out well enough. I slept in and had a relaxing start to my day.

Then, I had to call the student loan people. It was frustrating because I had to navigate soooo many menus and options and then was put on hold (which is fine as I'm sure there were many students calling), but then the lovely hold music cut out so I wasn't even sure I was on hold anymore and after 10 minuets of that, I gave up. So instead of having to talk to them, I had to get to my school to pick up the paper work and do this the old fashion way! And instead of mailing the paperwork - I'm going to try to drop it off in person so that should hopefully speed up the process. So that's adding steps that I didn't want to have to add...

And I'm still stressed out about the lack of working technology. Although the laptop I am currently using is fine for doing my posts here or being on Facebook, it is useless for trying to get anything on YouTube and even just write a word document, so I'll have to deal with that sometime soon. But I should have until the middle of September (I hope). I doubt I'll have to do any major writing assignments before then. And maybe learning more about technology wouldn't help either. If I learn about these things, maybe they'll stop crapping out on me!

My day was topped off by difficult, personal events (sorry I won't go into detail about this part...) and that just added to my stress tremendously! But today is a new day, and hopefully it will be a better day then yesterday!!

Thanks for listening... well reading. XoxO

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