Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sonia Kashuk Haul!

So if you can't tell by now, one of my favorite places to shop is Target. And one of the lines that Target carries is a make up line by Sonia Kashuk and I have been buying a lot of it as of late, so I thought I would share some of the things I have bought and enjoy! 

So the first thing I bought was 2 different nail polish colours. The first one is Grey Matter. It is a really beautiful deep grey/purple colour and will be really nice in the fall!


The second colour is called Fatigued. It is a really pretty mossy green colour and it accents Grey Matter really nicely!

Both colours cover really well and two coats was enough to get the job done.

Now, the one thing I will share is that Fatigued was on clearance so if you think you might like it - get to Target now!!


This line also has amazing brushes and brush sets, including travel sizes. Even though I don't do a huge amount of traveling (at least right now), travel brushes are great for just throwing in your bag for touch ups on the go, or having in your locker or gym bag.

So the first one that I wanted to get was the travel lash curler. There is nothing more annoying then when your lashes get all crazy and this one is nice because it folds up so it takes up less space and it works really well. Very happy!!


I also got a set of travel brushes. What I loved about this set was the hard case so if you do throw it into a bag or your purse you don't have to worry about the brushes getting smooshed and wrecked.

It covers all the basic brushes that you need and they are a really good quality as well. I also liked that you can take the bottom of the lip brush of and it becomes a cap to keep it nice and protected.

The set includes: a powder brush, a foundation brush, lash/brow comb, as well as lip, shadow, smudge, liner and a crease brush.


I decided to pick up a second set of small travel brushes as well. These ones are just in a small canvas case with a mirror inside. This set is just a set of eye make up brushes.

Included in this set: a shadow brush, smudge brush, liner, blending brush and a crease brush.


And the last item I picked up is this fabulous bag! It's called the Completely Organized Cosmetic Case. Now this is why it is my favourite item that I bought from Sonia.

I have an obsession with keeping my purse's and bags organized. I get so annoyed when I have to dig around to find something I need, so I try to keep smaller items such as lip balms and gum (and everything else that ends up in the bottom of your purse) in small make up bags. But this is my ideal bag! Where other bogs are just one large open space, this one actually has pockets all over it including a zipper section in the front. I love that!!
I have a purse organizer for my smaller purses (which I will show you when I get around to doing a What's in my purse blog) but this is perfect for my larger bags - which is the size I use most often! I am soooooooo happy with this purchase!

And the best part is the price... Get ready for it....

WHAT?! Such a good price for such a great bag! I think I'm going to get another one for my mom, and maybe a third one for me because it might be the best money I ever spend twice!

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